Blogger Bio

Hi, I’m Tara.
I’m Togolese by birth but have lived most of my life in Nigeria. The most French I know is Bonjour and je m’appelle. 

I grew up in Warri, Delta state with my mum, dad, two younger sisters and an older brother. I went to a quack nursery school but thankfully by the time I was almost getting done with primary school, my dad began to have money. So I did my primary and secondary schooling in a posh school called Cambridge, where they have a swimming pool and fancy school uniform. They even made me their library prefect and then later, head girl. 

By the time I was done with secondary school, like most children, I had dreams of how I wanted my life to be. I wanted to be a full time mum with as many kids as possible and 17 or so husbands because there are a lot of good looking men and it’ll be a taboo if I chose just one. Then I wanted to get paid to travel the world and eat good food. I also wanted to be a counselor because I thought I loved listening to people talk. I had a lot of phobias, I didn’t eat anything containing onions, I could faint from seeing a syringe and I hated taking pills, so naturally the last course I wanted to study was pharmacy. 

I proceeded to the university to study pharmacy, where I spent every semester break trying to gain all of the weight I lost. I usually write about all of it in my diary, I write as much as I read, they are the only two things I was good at that make me happy, besides playing scrabble and watching movies. 

Recently my house got flooded and I lost all of my diaries to the water. It was a really heartbreaking experience and so I decided to store everything in the one place water won’t ruin (yet) – the Internet. And that’s how I started my blog. I decided I’d write it all on my blog instead and maybe even get popular and rich from it someday. *blush*


I owe my inspiration to the following persons – in no particular order: My mum; the staff behind nickelodeon TV; my first crush Turner; J. K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series); Heather O’Neil (author of lullaby for little criminals); my best friend/ boyfriend/ partner in crime Pref; every shop owner that has ever sold me Coca-Cola; the cast of GAME OF THRONES; Pastor Osaze of Rccg who bought me my professional scrabble board and gave me that free medal in chess; everyone else who I’m not able to mention at the moment. 

This blog was started July 3rd, 2017



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