What Is The Thing That Has Got You The Most Angry This Year? 

That was the discussion we had today. Preparing for the tournament takes a lot of mental energy, we just had to do something other than cram words, so some Angel of a person raised the question. There were so many touching (and hilarious) answers. 

A lot of things have gotten me angry since the beginning of this year, like my country’s government,

            Sleeping on duty is the duty they do.

 PHCN (you’d understand this if you’re in Nigeria),

                    This doesn’t surprise me at all

 And Bee cheating– (he actually watched GOT season 7 without me when we agreed we’d wait till the last episode was released then watch the whole season together in one go). But the thing, more like person, that has made me the most angry is a taxi driver in Lagos. 

                                Lagos Baby ✌😘

I had arrived Lagos late at night and got off at the wrong stop but luckily for me, a taxi man approached me and I explained my situation to him. He kindly told me my destination was still far off and there are no buses going to that part of the city from where we were. He went further to explain that taking a taxi was my only option and it would cost me 12k ($33), but since we were already getting acquainted, I should give him just 10k, I pleaded with him I didn’t have up to 10k, and we settled at 9k ($25).

The drive was real smooth, conversation was interesting and we even got to exchanging numbers so I could call on him whenever I needed a taxi around the city. 

So I got home and relayed the story to them, only for me to be told the taxi man lied to me, there are buses coming from that area and taking one would have cost me just 3h (¢80). To say I was fuming would have been the understatement of the century.  

The taxi man had the guts to call me later in the night, he wanted to wish me good night and sweet dreams. I can never forget his name, Mr Bola, that is of course, if it is his real name. It took all of my home training to just say ‘thank you’ and cut the call instead of giving him even a little piece of my mind. I still have his number saved in my phone. 

Well that’s my story. Over to you guys, what is the thing/person that has made you the most angry this year? 

P. S. Someone gifted me four new pair of shoes. Who knew how much getting new shoes can lift your spirits for the rest of the day? Lol. 

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