Yours, Mine And Ours

I write this with so much love in my heart. 

I woke up late today. No. I woke up quite early, did my chores, rejoiced I have the day off, and went back to sleep. I was a little bit tired, my life is normally busy, then I added blogging to it. Which by the way, is feeling like another full time job. Much like when you just have a new baby – it keeps you up at night, cries for attention all the time, and you keep asking yourself “whose genuis idea was this again???” But on the inside, you are falling in love with your baby everyday. 

I’m falling in love with our blog everyday. Yes, ‘Our‘. 

I spent yesterday night brainstorming on what to post today – it was funny- I just kept asking myself, “how am I going to impact on people’s lives tomorrow“? It wasn’t about getting views, likes or followers anymore, I just wanted to share and help, I wanted to be relevant. And I found out I love this activity so much I look forward to it everyday. 

It’s amazing I started this blog for myself, but it’s quickly becoming yours, mine and ours. I can’t do anything on it without first considering the rest of the readers. I’m in a relationship with you guys now, lol. This is the beginning of our love story. 

Cheers to that 🍻

P. S. Bee and I are celebrating our one year anniversary today. It’s wonderful just how your worst nemesis becomes your best friend and partner.

Who knew the boy who swore he wouldn’t go out with me even for a hundred thousand bucks would become the father of my children? Who knew? 

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