You Wonder If I Know 

You wonder if I know how much I turn you on, 
How often the blood rushes down from your head, 

How hard it is to resist watching me all the time, 

It’s almost impossible not to tear off my clothes and feel the body they hide. 

When I bite my lips in oblivious concentration, 

Brows furrowed, then I raise my head to catch you staring;

My innocent smile reminds you soft sheets, soft skin. 

The look of happiness in my face when I see food, 

When you bring me a gift, 

When I win an argument and didn’t even have to use emotional blackmail. 

The moments I act possessive, 

I link my hand with yours in the streets, 

At the mall, 

My walking steps around your house like I own it, 

Prancing around in your t-shirt and begging you to let me keep it. 

The sound of my laugh, 

My voice counting your push-ups, 

My ‘Hello’ over the phone, 

The way I call your name amidst moans in your wildest dreams. 

My rolling over at night and begging you to cuddle, 
The morning after when I wake you up with a kiss, 

My lips taste like water for the man who has been stranded in a desert. 

All of our silent moments and the heartbeats in between. 

In love, 




You wonder if I know, 

Oh Baby, I know… Because you do the same to me. 

For Pref

Your lips belong pressed against mine“. 

3rd Year At Uni 💏
3rd Year At Uni 💏

For the daily word-prompt : Penchant 

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