What Is Your Blogging Niche? 

My family has never been interested in any of my personal projects, even though I’m always the person they call on for support no matter the issue. I’m there when they have a crush on someone at school; when they feel misunderstood; when they feel they’ve been unfairly treated; when they have a football match to watch but they need a partner; when they need someone to play board games with; when they need someone to try out a cooking/art/science project with; when they have chicken pox and need a nurse; when they want to get somewhere but need a driver; and when they just want to be alone but need someone to be alone with. I’m always there for them. 

So the other day over pre breakfast, first born asked me what my blog is about – I was surprised – finally, it’s my turn to shine. Everyone was paying attention and asking questions… 

Third born: “Have you written about me yet

Second born: “How many figures are you earning from it“? 

Former last born: “Wait, what’s a blog“? 

Third born: “Omg! Are you posting pictures? I can’t have my pictures in the Internet

Fifth born: “That’s because you are ugly and you have low self esteem

Former last born: “What’s low self esteem? What’s a blog?

Fifth born: “Do I have Google written on my forehead“? 

Former last born: “Nobody is answering my question” *starts crying*

And when I finally get the chance to speak- 

*sighs**takes a deep breadth*

Honey a blog is a mini website

I blog about stuffs but I’m not writing about you guys, I don’t have your photos posted and I earn zero million, zero hundred and zeroty zero thousand naira from it, now I don’t want to hear another sound until we finish eating” *phew*

So you don’t have a niche then” Firstborn, the smartest of them all, says 

No wonder you are not making any money” second born chirps in

Yet!” I correct her. 

Later on I browsed out what a blogging niche is. Apparently, it’s the main subject  you blog about and every blogging rule/tip says it’s a must have. What do you do when you are a career mum with 8 kids and an equally attention demanding boyfriend? You start a blog of course. But writing in the Internet is quite different from writing in your diary, so now you need something called a niche. I checked out the ‘niche’ of some of my favorite bloggers; 

I don’t have a niche, or maybe I do, I just don’t know what it is. I just write the things as they come, taking it a day at a time. If it’s relevant, if it’s funny, if I like it and think others will too, I blog it. This niche thing is just itchy and should just be left for professional bloggers. 

Or what do y’all think? 😀

A big THANK YOU goes to Red, I wouldn’t have had the idea to write about this if not for her post ‘Finding A Niche For Red Confidential‘. 

For the rest of us: Do You Have A Blogging Niche, What Is It? 

28 thoughts on “What Is Your Blogging Niche? 

  1. Thank you do much!😊
    I say let’s just write and share and be content in the happiness and freedom it provides. We may not be financially successful in the eyes of the world, but we will find peace and fulfilment in contributing positively to something more than ourselves.

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  2. Thank you for the shout out 🙏 I think contrary to popular belief you do have a niche “Exploration of self” you put yourself on the line, wear your heart on your sleeve and you give us raw insight into your life. Not alot of people can do that and still manage to be entertaining. That’s part of the reason I enjoy your posts so much!

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  3. I try to stay in my “niche” about adventure travel, sailboats, cruising and sailing,,,,but often stray out into things I just want to write about,,,,,but I guess I have a niche. Love to have any of you check out my writing and tell me if you think I’m into my own niche?

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  4. Lol what is my niche? I started my blog a long time ago and all I wanted to do was write about my faith and reveal Jesus. Lol now I have so many categories on my blog, I blog about my hair, experiences, relationships, beauty and my faith also etc. Whatever intrigues me 😂😂. We’re changing everyday and sometimes you gotta keep trying until you find what you really love doing, still doesn’t mean it’s not going to change in a couple of years or days. I’ll say blog about what you want as long as it keeps you fulfilled ❤

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  5. I’d say my niche is lifestyle, and I think yours is too (posts I’ve read so far). Your post ideas are generated from your life events, may be personal or common, educational or not. Same as mine

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