Does Your Ex Call You? 

The first guy I ever dated broke up with me to be with my closest girlfriend (let’s call her Aria). So it was a double blow, I was grieving and didn’t even have my girlfriend to comfort me. She just sent me a dm on Instagram telling me ‘goodbye forever‘. 

Then I broke up with the next guy because his ‘girlfriend‘, who was actually my friend, came to me crying and asked what was going on between me and her boyfriend. 

Then boyfriend number 3 just stopped talking to me one day, wouldn’t reply my texts, wouldn’t pick my calls. He just ghosted me. To get over it, I had to convince myself that he had been abducted by aliens. 

For each one, Bee used to tell me “They are fools to hurt you, just watch and see, they’ll all come back” and I’ll say “don’t call them that” even though my heart was breaking and I wanted more than anything for something really bad to happen to them and hope they end up at the hospital where I work. 

Anyways, so fast forward a couple of months/years later, first it was boyfriend number 2, and he called to apologise. It was just so noble of him, he still calls once in a while to check up on me and supply me free suya.

Google images: Suya
Suya 😍😍😍. Credit: Google images

 Then I had this anonymous follower on Facebook who kept liking and commenting on all of my posts and she was so keen on starting conversations with me. I didn’t even know how to react when I found out it was Aria. I confronted her and she got all offensive like I was the one cyber stalking her. It was quite confusing. 

And today! Ex boyfriend number 3 called! He lied his name is ‘George’, like, who even does that?

Rihanna meme
My Reaction 👆👆👆. credit: Giphy
I wanted to hang up that instant, I very well knew who was speaking, I’d recognize anyone’s voice. He asked what was up with my life, blah blah blah and I was more than thankful when it was all over. 

I actually do encourage friendship even after an intimate relationship is over, but if the reason we ended was because you were cheating with my best friend or you just woke up one day and decided to disappear with my pet cat, it’s best you stay away from me. If you ever call, go straight to an apology and depending on how well I respond, you should or shouldn’t call again.

Some exes are still our good friends, others bring us nothing but bad memories and terrible nightmares. On a general note, I don’t fancy exes calling, mine or those of my partner’s (Bee’s ex girlfriend sent me a very looooong message on fb). I don’t owe you money, we don’t have kids together, so what do you want? Oh you want to ‘hang out and just maybe talk’?, please repeat that joke, I forgot to laugh the first time. 😑

Does your ex call you? 

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