Reasons Why No One Reads Your Blog 

Like seriously, 

  1. You left a comment on their post telling them to “pleeeaaaase read your blog’. 
  2. You post once in a blue moon. You are not Beyonce, you cannot disappear for months and then reappear and expect to be even more popular than before, plus you don’t have twins. 
    Beyonce! Credit: Google images
  3. You don’t reply comments
  4. Blogging is personal, you don’t blog about anything personal. 
  5. All your blog posts are personal. People get tired of reading only about your sad/perfect life, how does it help my own life? 
    Personal Blogger
    Credit: Google images
  6. Your posts have a lot of typos. You can’t get away with this except you live in a non-english speaking country, whereby everyone would then understand and acknowledge your efforts. 
  7. You post 10 times a day! Nothing is more annoying than having your very plenty numerous posts pop up everywhere, all the time, all over my reader. It gets tiring. 
    Blogging habits
    Credit: Google images
  8. You already have so much followers and you are giving blogging tips – stop being such a showoff. 
  9. You already have so much followers and you are not giving blogging tips – why are you so stingy? 
    Blogging advice
    Credit: Google images
  10. You blog about something interesting, like food – then made it boring. It’s unforgivable. 
  11. You blog about something that’s generally boring, like politics. And made it even more boring. 
  12. You have no photos. I’d like your blog better if you have relevant photos. 

I’d like to give a big shout-out to ‘Opinionated Man’, who actually blogged the cooler (and waaaay funnier) post, (this topic is originally his idea or whoever’s he stole it from). I would have reblogged, but I couldn’t find the button, so click on this link to read his awesome post! 😀 



P. S. Here’s an honest blogging advice by the way 


28 thoughts on “Reasons Why No One Reads Your Blog 

  1. I struggle with 4 and 5 and have trashed a number of cool stories in the process. On the other hand I am a super private person with an equally boring life. Talking about me is hard and of no real benefits to a reader. But focusing on sharing only helpful information, I feel like I sound like a school teacher instead of a friend….it’s tough.😔

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  2. Spot on. And I also prefer blog topics that are relatable and diverse. I don’t like “themed” blogs, especially political. Lord knows we have plenty of them. I believe there are just as many political blogs as there are selfies!

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